Office life has its perks, such as socializing with your favorite coworkers and just having a place where you can focus on your job-related responsibilities free from distraction. When it was taken away from us last year, some were thrilled with the change and others had a tough time adjusting.

As the pandemic has raged on and more people are getting vaccinated, employers are expecting that workers return to the office. This may have many struggling with the thought of having to leave the safety of home to go work in an environment that’s filled with many uncertainties.

“Employers should be taking precautions with their returning workforce in terms of office procedures. They should be following the CDC guidelines and maintaining proper distancing protocols. It’s never good to be crammed together in a space, especially when it comes to spreading germs,” Brad says.

Here are some helpful tips for employers to consider for making the transition back to work less stressful:

  • Establish guidelines for the use of personal protective equipment, such as face masks and gloves
  • Check employees and visitors for fever before entering the workplace
  • Establish rules governing when employees can return to work after recovering from infection
  • Leverage technology to facilitate contact and communicate with employees
  • Encourage employees to wash hands frequently and regularly disinfect touch surfaces and objects
  • Discourage the sharing of objects and equipment such as phones, copy machines, coffee makers, water coolers, etc.
  • Shut off gathering spaces like break or lunchrooms and maintain proper social distancing

While many workplaces are still in a transition phase, some employers are saying they will implement a hybrid model where employees work both from home and the physical workplace; and others have decided that they want everyone to come back to the physical workplace. Brad says, “For our firm, I suspect we will have a hybrid home/office work model. The pandemic has shown us we can remain productive despite not coming into the office. Many team members have gotten precious time back in their lives because they no longer have to make a commute.”

If you are still working from home, check out our blog on Productive Tips For Working From Home.

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