A former Parker Law Firm client is working to bring the first inclusive park to Johnson County – and we need your help.

What’s An Inclusive Park?

Instead of assuming a one-size-fits-all user experience, the inclusive design aims to serve a wide range of abilities and provide various ways of interacting with others. When inclusive structures are included in a park, it allows kids with all levels of abilities to play together.

“Then you have kids with physical, developmental or sensory issues playing side-by-side with all the other kids,” said Terri Fulton, whose daughter has special needs and different abilities. She is helping to coordinate community donations. “Now you are promoting teamwork, cooperation and ability awareness in young kids that grow into more considerate and compassionate adults.”

It’s important to note that the new park isn’t designed specifically for kids with disabilities, it’s just designed smarter so that kids of all abilities can play together, Fulton said.

How You Can Help

While the City of Alvarado is partnering on the park, community donations are needed.

“We are reaching out to the citizens and businesses in and around Johnson County in hope of finding supporters for this amazing park,” said Fulton, who worked with Parker Law Firm previously in a personal injury case. “The beauty of this project is that it serves multitudes of families in our area, not just this year, but also for generations to come. We have a chance to build something here that not only will today’s kids, but their kids and grandkids can enjoy.”

Please Contribute to This Worthwhile Project

Donations can be made via a GoFundMe page for Moore Inclusive Park. Alternatively, an account is open with First Financial Bank, APEC Project, in Alvarado.



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