She raised you, loves you and is always there for you. Mother’s Day is an annual reminder of the cherished relationship you have with her, but what happens if you can’t safely be with your mom on Mother’s Day? Traditions like treating your mom to a spa day or fancy brunch may not be possible for a few months. That doesn’t mean Mother’s Day is cancelled. In fact, the sentiment behind this special day may be more meaningful than ever before.

Five Ways to Give Mom the Quarantine Mother’s Day She Deserves

Breakfast in Bed

Even if you can’t be there to make Mom breakfast in bed, you can do the next best thing. Order breakfast and coffee from her favorite morning café and have it delivered for when she wakes up.

Mother-Daughter Movie

You might not be able to cuddle up under a blanket on the couch for a rom-com marathon this year, but thanks to Netflix Party, you have a new way to watch movies with your friends and family online. Netflix Party synchronizes video playback and adds group chat to your favorite shows.

At-Home Wine Tasting

Since you may not be able to go out, sign your mom up for a wine delivery service. She can celebrate her own version of Mother’s Day every month when her shipment arrives. You can even set up a Zoom video call and make a toast as you sip a glass together.

Video Card

Can’t make it to the card store? Smartphones have made it easy to record special sentiments that moms and grandmoms can keep forever. Make it a tradition, and she can watch her children or grandchildren grow throughout the years.

Virtual Tourist

After the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommended postponing all large gatherings or events of 50 or more people, operators of tourist attractions were left with few options. Museums, historical sites and national parks have stepped up to deliver their signature experiences by offering virtual tours to anyone from the comfort of their homes. Imagine spending this Mother’s Day together while virtually looking up at the Sistine Chapel or touring the Guggenheim.

While Mother’s Day this year won’t look like it usually does, the feelings can be just as strong. The coronavirus pandemic has forced us all to readjust and rethink how we usually do things. Brad says, “We’ve made a conscious decision not to get together for holidays because we just don’t want to run the risk. We’ve found that Zoom has provided our family with an excellent opportunity to still be close without being physically together.”

Don’t forget that it’s about the gesture. Whether it’s a handwritten note, a flower delivery or a phone call, your mom will appreciate the effort. “Of course we are all looking forward to things getting back to normal, but this time has given me the chance to reflect on many of the things I’ve taken for granted,” Brad says.

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