While the news is not surprising, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reported in a recent study that states with tough laws on teenage driving had far fewer teenage fatalities. The Institute went on to reveal that more than 500 deaths and 9,500 accidents could be avoided every year if more restrictions were placed on teenage drivers.

Recommended Restrictions for Teenage Drivers

  • Setting the minimum license age to 17; New Jersey is the only state so far to set the driving age at 17;
  • A minimum of 65 supervised hours of driving for teenage drivers;
  • Nighttime restrictions on driving begin at 8 p.m.
  • Banning teenage passengers in vehicles with teenage motorists

While most states allow teenagers to obtain their license upon their 16th birthday; some states permit driving at age 14, an age the Institute feels is far too low.

It is always important to talk to your teenage driver about the responsibilities that come with being behind the wheel. Additionally, the old saying “practice what you preach” is true with driving. When you are in the car with your teenager it is important to demonstrate safe driving habits so that they may do the same when they are behind the wheel.

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