Three People to Call After an Accident

The people you talk to immediately after an accident will have a huge impact on the outcome of your case and your recovery. Yet most don’t know the three most important people to talk to after a crash. Here’s are the three people to call in order to successfully navigate your accident.

Three People You Should Call After An Accident

The Police

A police officer will write a report verifying where the crash occurred and the contact information of everyone involved. This report will be publicly available and will act as your best piece of evidence and the first thing an attorney will ask for during your consultation. Here are a few helpful tips for talking to an officer after a car accident:

Stick to the Facts

Emotions tend to be high after a collision. You’re startled, scared, and overwhelmed. Sticking to the facts is critical when speaking with the police. Try to remain calm and recount exactly what you saw and experienced during the collision. This will help keep your story focused and consistent. You also should avoid speculating when you make your report. While you probably have ideas about the other driver’s behavior or possible conditions that led to the crash, don’t report these speculations as facts.

Don’t Incriminate Yourself

People often reveal incriminating details when talking to the cops because they feel shaken up by accident. Don’t apologize for your role in the crash, and don’t admit to doing something negligent. If you were at fault for the collision, seeking legal support maybe your best option. You can decline to answer questions without an attorney present if you’re concerned that talking to the police will be detrimental to your case.

Request a Copy of the Police Report

Whenever you file a police report, you should always obtain a copy. Call or stop by the police station a few days after the crash to get a copy of the report and read through it carefully. This is the official account of what happened, and you need to make sure all of the details are correct. Brad says, “If anything is incorrect or incomplete, you should contact the police officer who wrote the report and ask them to amend it.” Remember, your insurance company can use the report to understand the accident better and determine the settlement.

A Doctor

Following a car accident, it is common for people to go home because they don’t think that their injuries are that bad. This can be a mistake. Going to the doctor immediately after the crash gives the best chance of identifying and treating injuries before they get any worse. The longer you wait for treatment, the more likely the insurance company is to question the validity of your injuries. Brad says, “What you have always got to keep in mind is what are the 12 people on the jury going to think about your behavior, and especially your behavior in getting well and getting treated by the doctor. If they believe that part of the reason you are hurt is that you didn’t do what the doctor said, they are not likely to compensate you as much as you might otherwise deserve.” These are the five most important questions to ask your doctor after an accident:

1.     What are my specific injuries?

2.     What is my long-term outlook for recovery?

3.     Do I need any medications?

4.     When can I go back to work? (What restrictions should I observe?)

5.     Should I seek treatment with a specialist?

Who are the three people to call after an accident?

An Attorney

Once you’ve spoken to a police officer and a doctor, it’s wise to schedule a consultation with an experienced personal injury attorney. Using the police report and your doctor’s records, your attorney can negotiate with the insurance companies to help you earn the full settlement you’re entitled to. They can also handle the phone calls and paperwork on your behalf so you can rest and recover. Here are a few questions you may want to ask an attorney:

·       How long do I have to file a personal injury claim?

·       Will I have to go to court?

·       How much will this cost me?

·       What is the value of my claim?

·       Should I give the insurance company a statement?

·       What if the other driver doesn’t have insurance?

Our office is always willing and ready to speak to you after you’ve been in a car accident. We strive to take the time to hear your story, answer your questions and provide you with any helpful resources we have that might be beneficial to you. If your specific case isn’t something our firm will handle, we even take the time to refer you to another attorney in the area that we trust. So, if you’ve been in a car accident in Texas, give our office a call or fill out our contact form and we will get back to you within 24 hours or less.